The schedule for FX’s marathon of every Simpsons episode ever is so unbelievably intimidating

this is terrifying yet at the same time im so mad i dont get fxx

every simpsons episode takes TWELVE DAYS to play back-to-back





Flashlight | The Front Bottoms

Please fall asleep so I can take pictures of you and hang them in my room 
So when I wake up feel like yeah everything’s alright…

When I am sad, I am sad - but when I’m happy, oh god I’m happy 
There’s just no place in-between for us to meet 

You are still here, you are still happy, you are still smiling and laughing 
you are still the only thing and everything I need in my life

why should I continue to try to be there for you when you just continually seem to hold no regard for how anything you do affects me?? not that any of it should I guess but you keep asking me to make an effort to stay in your life so I try and it does

it’s so awesome how literally nobody cares about how I feel

I’m watching KUNG FU HUSTLE for the first time and this movie is so up my alley it’s a wonder I’ve never seen it before

I can’t wait to figure out a way to write about this in class next semester

cool my stepbrother ate my food and there’s no other food in the house so i guess i’m just… not eating tonight

hahahah i fucking hate this place


Does it look like Vader’s wearing a grill to anyone else?

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