she said no to going to the yankee game. should have seen that coming lol

definitely in the worst mood i’ve been in in a while, so that’s cool


Breathtaking views in Yellowstone National Park.

Fujifilm Instax 210

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my phone is fully broken now!! awesome yes this is exactly what i wanted 

just went to switch machines on the shirt i’m washing and the machine my shirt was in was locked and had 30 minutes left?? and my shirt was nowhere to be found

that means someone either

a) stole my shirt (it wasn’t dry so probably not)

b) took my shirt out and put it somewhere where i can’t seem to find it

c) just put their clothes in with my shirt and ran it again 

like why would you do that? it had like 5 minutes left, so it’s not like it had been sitting there long. why wouldn’t you use one of the nearly dozens of other empty washing machines??? people are so shitty

fuck i went so long without being this sad and weird and i guess i just broke my streak?? let’s be sad


When Harry Met Sally, Spanish lobby card. Spanish theatrical release 1990

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so uh

fuck? i got very drunk last night and uh i’m not entirely sure if i asked the very cute girl to the yankee game… like i think i did but maybe it was very slurred and i am not sure if she said yes and now it’s weird

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